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Printmaking was a major means of expression for American artist Sam Glankoff. His work celebrates the power of the printmaking medium.

Glankoff's art was directed by a personal inner vision, which he pursued single mindedly and reclusively. Few knew of his work until he was persuaded to exhibit at the age of 87. His first exhibition was held in 1981 to universal acclaim. Critics praised his work, which they could not easily classify because it hovers between printmaking and painting.

Made on paper by transfer technique, his images were not reproducible because the impressions were permanently fixed to their plywood templates, from which the impressions were taken. He described his technique as "using a printing method to make a painting". Glankoff called his work PRINT PAINTING. Expressive importance of pigment and the dynamics and spontaneity of the brush stroke – usually associated with painting – qualified his singular images. Pigment and support are integrated. His print-painting is marked by rich colour and textural qualities achieved by the methods he developed.

He drew his design in charcoal, on plywood panels primed with gesso. He then painted the design in water-resistant enamel or acrylic and this became the template for the image. The block was painted with water based printer's ink, to which he added casein and glycerine to slow the drying of the pigment on the paper. Impulse and chance, the element of surprise encountered in printing, contends with order and control he excercised during careful and prepared study before printing.

This is the first exhibition of Sam Glankoff's work in Austalia and has been brought to this county by Macquarie Galleries.

All work is for sale through Macquarie Galleries, Box N585 Grosvenor Place, Sydney 2000. Telephone: 3281866 Facsimile: 3281856

The Sam Glankoff Exhibition is open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-3pm. Synagogue Tours: Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12.

Admission: Free