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Media Contact: Katherine Osteen

Bill Lowe Gallery Presents: "Primal Poetry" featuring works by Gabriele Schnitzenbaumer, Hyunmee Lee, and the late Sam Glankoff

November 7 – December 19, 2008

Opening Reception: November 7, 2008 from 6-9 PM

Atlanta November VII, 2008 – Bill Lowe Gallery is proud to present "Primal Poetry" exhibition featuring the work of Gabriele Schnitzenbaumer, new paintings by Hyunmee Lee and a collection of works by the late Sam Glankoff.  

This show is a powerful, eloquent configuration of images driven by primal impulses that articulate continuums related to the individual within the context of life and civilization. Each artist employs innovative technique and widely varied media in an attempt to chronicle the epic adventure that is human existence.

About the artists:

Gabriele Schnitzenbaumer - The remarkable sculptures created by Gabriele Schnitzenbaumer powerfully express an energetic gravity and intensity heightened by their archaic appearance. The 70 year old German artist masterfully blends ceramic and metals, creating the resemblance of decaying surfaces and antiquity. This special exhibition at Bill Lowe Gallery is a retrospective of Schnitzenbaumer's work that celebrates her 50 years of art-making. 

Hyunmee Lee - Korean-born abstract painter Hyunmee Lee masterfully couples bold, expressive brushstrokes with soft, subdued fields of color, thereby creating a strikingly beautiful balance in composition and design. As Lee states, "My work is a contemplation of the spirit as it embarks on to the canvas and a conscious and unconscious step toward "Big Mind," the Buddhist concept of meditation resulting in a Zen-like form of enlightenment and connectedness to nature and the universe." 

Sam Glankoff (1894 – 1982) - A life-long loner, Glankoff was an intensely private individual who chose not to publicly exhibit his work for decades. Because of this debilitating shyness it was not until 1981 that Glankoff presented his first ever exhibition of works at age 87 – a solo show at the Graham Gallery in New York City. Glankoff died in1982, six months after the exhibition.  
The recent burgeoning interest in modern works on paper has combined with other new trends in the art industry to bring well-deserved attention to Glankoff's work. Bill Lowe Gallery is honored to present this exhibition in conjunction with the Sam Glankoff Estate. 

About Bill Lowe Gallery

Established in 1989 and with locations in both Atlanta and Los Angeles, Bill Lowe Gallery is considered at the forefront of America's contemporary art scene. 

The gallery represents artists who share powerful and eloquent visions supported by a highly advanced mastery of their media. The gallery is noted for the visceral emotional quality and physicality of its work. 

These qualities lend a highly theatrical flavor to the gallery's offering. Thematically, the gallery's aesthetic is characterized by a metaphysical yearning articulated by process and imagery which is strongly psycho-spiritual and psycho-sexual in nature.

Committed to a standard of excellence amplified by great visual drama, the gallery's ability to mount exhibitions that resonate powerfully with critics and viewers alike has become legendary.  

Bill Lowe Gallery
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