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Press Release

“Sam Glankoff: Print-Paintings”
November 2 – December 29, 2007

It is with great pleasure that Valerie Carberry Gallery announces a solo exhibition of the work of Sam Glankoff (1894-1982). The exhibition focuses on the last years of Glankoff’s career, when decades of technical and aesthetic experimentation culminated in a mature and innovative series.

The works in this exhibition – “print-paintings,” as they have come to be known – are literal and figurative composites, informed by a lifetime of professional illustration and woodcut printing, and dictated in construction by the exigencies of Glankoff’s small, New York City apartment. With very few exceptions, each work is comprised of at least two panels, which Glankoff reverse-printed from plywood onto Japanese mulberry paper – a process he repeated up to a dozen times per image, carefully calibrating the paper each time. Glankoff then assembled the panels to their monumental scale.

Despite his aesthetic mastery and singular vision, and due in large part to his intensely reclusive nature, Glankoff has remained what Edward Gomez called, in the September 2007 of Art & Antiques, a “sleeping giant.” We hope this exhibition will help bring Glankoff’s work to new light, as that of an American master.

A full-color catalogue of the exhibition will be available from the gallery for $15.

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